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    Riot: Hell In Your Eyes, Short Story

    Deep in the nethers of the Red Void, Nic, with incredible haste, slashed through multitudes of enemies with the greatest of ease as the demonic red demons fell pray to the rawness of his power. He didn’t use a blade like his counterparts had. Technicolor blade flames stretched over his fingers and slashed the demons into ribbons. As Nic advanced, he continued to rip and shred through the large and the grotesque until the horrifying monsters cowered in his presence. His dominance was quickly asserted as he stood at the edge of reason, the end of the red rocky cliff, watching as a feral Chevy and the beautiful Chevy fought against those same demons. And as they too trained as hard as they could against the large demonic presences, Nic stood above them with a deepening scowl on his face, hating them as he had watched disgusted by their immense progress in such a short time. In a year’s time, Chevy went from dormant power to a being with so much rage built inside of his roar that when he released his war cry, the red rubble of the Red Void shuttered at his utterance. In a year’s time, Deshae had went from the beauty who was almost swallowed whole by the Red Void to the greyscaled ruby eyed warrior goddess capable of destruction beyond comprehension. As she weaved in and out of the large demon’s long reach, she drove her black and red assassin’s blade into the demon’s heart. She stood, black blood dripping all over the blade, not a little girl no more.
            Nic continued to watch, not happy none the least to see how far they have come, and how far he has not. And as he thought about the betrayal of Bailey to the Order, the rage in her father’s eyes, the vengence in his voice, the aqcuirement of such a treasure with Dezy, and the steady growth of the Resistance, Nic was at the end of his ropes. He felt like all of the hope of The Dark Order rested on his shoulders, and if he was completely honest with himself, he had felt like giving up. Then she appeared.
            Beautiful, with her soft baby features and her sultry voice, ready to console and contain the rage that burned within his heart. Her long blonde hair swung in an even longer ponytail as she bounced toward him with jet black eyes, her purple exoskeleton climbing over her skin with every step she took. By the timeshe reached him, he seemed like he was twenty feet tall compared to her meek yet voluptuous stature. But even though she stood five feet, her presence was pure power as she stood next to him, completed in her transformation. She placed a soft touch on his large forearm and asked him soft as a whisper, a Lover’s Secret, “What’s wrong, Nic?”
           He clenched his fists tightly as the anger settled in his brow. Hatred festered in his heart as he stared at how much better they had truly gotten and how much the Dark Order has truly lost. “It’s like what’s the point sometimes, you know? Like Brody gets stronger everyday! So did Bailey! And now with the introduction of these new warriors, one with the actual ability to strengthen everyone who fights beside her exponentially, we have our backs against the wall. The Resistance are pinning us into a corner, one that I’m not sure if we could fight our way out of.”
           Her lip poked out as her expression became sympathetic. “You mad, baby?”
           His face remained serious as he answered, “Yes……I really am.”
           ”Want me to introduce you to someone who might make you feel better?” He shrugged his shoulders, uncaring either way, until he turned his head to see the lean yet sculpted young man with a striking beautiful resemblance to Deshae. Except where she was short, he was tall, but yet he was still greyscaled and beautiful with his dark ruby red eyes and chained neck. The dual red stripes ran up his chest like an old school Shelby as he stood his neck chained, his gaze evil, yet beautiful as Nic simply stared at the young man’s, the young demon’s carefully crafted perfect specimen of a face. And when he stared into those blood red eyes, he sensed a power he had only sensed in a few. The raw tenacity of it, the pure destruction that laid dormant in those pupils. Nic saw hell in his eyes. “His name is Alex. I tamed him myself. Isn’t he beautiful?” She couldn’t hide the pride in her dark eyes as she continued to offer accolades and bring attention to the details of why Alex should be brought to Nic’s attention. “He’s actually Deshae’s half brother, the exact same age and everything, except where Deshae is only half Red Void, he is a full blooded demon. I couldn’t help but catch him, when I saw how beautiful the danger inside of him was. He is going to be a weapon of mass destruction for us. A tipping point. Watch.”
             Nic cut his eyes at her skeptically. His right upper lip curled in a sarcastic fashion as he rose his head and said with a hint of arrogance, “Show me.”
             Her smile was dark and mischievous, matching the tone of her voice as she quickly replied, “I thought you’d never ask,” before ordering, “Alex, go take care of love below, and do have some fun, you are being monitored. Style points do count.” He smiled, not saying a word. Letting his eyes do all the talking as he leapt off of the cliff, arms outsretched, knees raised, and feet crossed, into the air with a great jubilation about him. And when he landed, interrupting the training in progress, he stared down at the feral Chevy and the intense Deshae with that mischievous smile. That condescending smile that destroyed all other confidences while raising his own. In his eyes, they saw the demon, waiting just waiting to get out.
            The feral Chevy snarled at the being born of the Red Void while Deshae tightened the grip on the hilt of her blade. As she stared deep into Alex’s ruby red eyes, she felt a sense of something familiar swirling in his eyes. Something dark. She whispered low so only Chevy could. “Chevy, watch out.” Or at least she thought he was the only one who could hear. She soon found out otherwise when Alex lunged toward Chevy, encouraged by the two smiles looking down on him from the cliff.
            Deshae instantly went into warrior mode as she jumped at the chance to defend her brethren. Chevy roared in Alex’s presence as Deshae came down with her sword held high above her head. The curved vicious smoldering with red plasma swirling inside of her blade sliced through the air, speeding toward the top of Alex’s head, but the sword’s path was impeded by curved vicious daggers with their own red glowing runes pulsating with power. Runes of royalty inside of the realm of the Red Void. It instantly became clear that Alex was no ordinary being of the Red Void, just like it became clear the bloodline pumping inside of Deshae’s veins.
            Chevy rushed toward the battle with his claws outstretched and his jagged teeth bared. His footsteps made no sound as they pounded against the soft light red soil of the battlefield. His hind paws barely left any footprints as he lunged toward Alex. Just as Deshae came off of Alex’s runed dagger, Chevy, with his claws behind him, winding up for the kill, went to slash Alex into ribbons, but he soon quickly found out how battle ready Alex truly was.

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    how many ways can i say awesome

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    5th Song - Starlito & Don Trip

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    You Are A Fine Addition To My Website

    You Are A Fine Addition To My Website

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    This picture makes me think of my Sour Patch Kidd

    This picture makes me think of my Sour Patch Kidd

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    I’m writing you this letter cause I never thought it be this way.

    You are my secret treasure how could I let you slip away.

    Still I just wanna thank ya for every little thing.

    You been more than wonderful, oh what joy you could bring.

    Still I believe…..true love will always find its home, yes it will, baby.

    And I really love you, passion to hold you, hair but so lovely and long.

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    "Finna put up Miley Cyrus’ sex tape, but then again Taniece might get mad at me……but i just think it’s so funny. Who all wanna see it?"

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    @3xuberance "Thank you!"

    u welcome luv i hope u have a beautiful day :)

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    RIP Pimp C Miss You Pimp

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    Riot: Hallelujah, Short Story

    Brody watched the trio be overtaken by the myriad of war cries and explosions, ran his fingers through his hair, pushed the locks that blocked his vision back, and fell into the dark, swirling pools of his sister’s eyes. She looked up into his matching dark gaze as tears glazed over her pupils. “I’m sorry, Brody.”
           He could literally feel the pain cancering on her vocal chords, but his skin grew thick and an ice box had taken the place of where his heart used to be. His eyes scanned past her small, muscular, past the beauty that grew from the sanguine soil of old New
    Orleans, and into the explosions. In the eyes of the explosions, Brody saw the ballet of battles take place. It was like watching a Praying Mantis perform martial arts in nature, a hawk hunt for sport. It was like watching beauty being born in the birth canal of the sun. Their symetry was exquisite and it brought a great pleasure to say he had fought alongside these beings.
             Memories began to resurface as he began to remember Shavi’s viciousness during the bout they both participated in at this exact location a year prior, but now it was like watching the evolution of a mild mannered individual turning into a madman all within thirty seconds. Violet runes glowed all over his torso as his wrath was exacted on the battalion. He ripped through hordes of the corrupt soldiers, their black body armor proving to be no match for Shavi’s new explosion of power. And with his guardian angel, Sheva shielding her older brother with almost mystical runed light golden barriers, he was free to be as feral as his powers allowed him to be.
          Sheva was beautiful, hovering above the battle field providing cover for her two lone troops as they seem to fight against hundreds. Ethereal white wings fluttered from off of her back as golden flakes wilted off of the tips of her wings. Even amongst all of the destruction, there was still an angelic presence about her as she frolicked in the sky. But she soon gained the attention of a corrupt officer as he rode in on his genetically altered six legged steed in Sheva’s direction. Seeing the small flames that breathed out of the large black nostrils and the fire in the steed’s orange, red, and black eyes ignited a passion for carnage inside of Sheva. And that was when Valkyrie appeared.
           ”There she is! Subdue that parasite ridden creature!” Hearing the superior officer’s words and seeing him handle his deadly black and magma scythe with a light earth blue and lighter purple plasma blade, she knew she could no longer ignore the need to defend herself as well as others. The light golden runes of her barriers appeared in the middle of her hands. When she brought her hands down, the oncoming plasma blade the corrupt superior had thrown at her had its path blocked by two beautiful intricate Excalibur worthy swords held by none. Sheva twirled in the air, the golden flakes raining down on the soldiers below as they watched those beautiful swords spin in a hurricane like manner. But they didn’t see the blood trickling on one of the blades, flying cleanly through the superior’s covered neck. They even had hope that their superior had survived the twister of blades, but when the horse kept its stride, the superior’s head stayed where it had been severed while his body took one last ride on his trusted steed.
           There was a distinct pain resonating in all of their hearts as they watched their superior’s armored head fall to the ground in front of them. A tear dripped from one shoulder’s eye as she quickly took aim in a rage and screamed, “Dead or alive!? Bullshit!! She killed Lieutenant Dan, I want her fucking head!” Sudden bursts from her heavy automatic weapon shot toward Sheva in a rage congruent with the soldier’s hatred. But a sudden change in the wind made the soldier question whether she was alive or dead. That’s when her eyes fell on her.
           Dezy stood in front of the enraged soldiers with only one curved vicious looking blade inverted in her right hand but she still put the fear of God in their hearts as they collectively wondered in their heads, “What can this E-vi do?” They stood and stared into her pink non-blinking eyes wondering what she was going to do next. They all adjusted their target sights accordingly and the one enraged female officer stepped forward. With a dramatic whisper, she said, “Stand down, E-vi and your life will be spared. You will only be detained and questioned by our superiors. But so help me God, if you provide so much as an ounce of resistance, I will fill you up with so many holes, you will be mistakened for a sea sponge. Do you understand?” Dezy could sense the apprehension, the fear in the soldiers’ hearts. Even the only woman to say anything at all held a little fear in her heart as she stared down at the imposing figure, but Dezy didn’t say a word. She only continued to stare at the angered soldier with a facetious glare in her eyes. The soldier stood perfectly still, feeling as though she had been disrespected in some form of fashion, so she repeated, “Do you understand!?”
            The look in Dezy’s eyes told the soldiers that she really didn’t want to part their souls from their bodies. But the choice was becoming more and more apparent. Dezy blinked and the massacre began, happening so fast that the setting sun wasn’t even able to capture her movements. And within seconds, their bodies dropped in pieces to the ground, and she looked at the large legion heading toward the three with a look that said she was ready for war.
            She watched through pink and light orange irises as the hordes of soldiers began to overwhelm Shavi and Sheva. The other superior officers rode in on their magnificent demonic steeds with their plasma scythes sharpened perfectly to destroy Sheva and Shavi. One cocked his scythe back, aiming to strike down Sheva as she protected and deflected the pouring soldiers from off of her brother. That’s when Dezy knew it was time to act. She leapt into the sky, her small, perfectly toned legs projecting her high into the air until she was able to block the attack aimed at Sheva. Sheva looked up to see Dezy blocking the massive scythe with nothing but a small blade. The energy surge between the two dueling blades was great. Bullets flew toward the small Dezy as Sheva summoned her unmanned blades to disarm the soldiers below them, but their numbers were proving to be too great. The bullets continued to ascend toward the two heroes as Sheva cried out for help into the setting sun.
         Brody looked his sister up and down after hearing Sheva’s screams. As hopeful as they may have been at the start of the battle, their morale was weighing down on them, and their chances had started to look grim. Brody knew he had to intervene, just like he knew this would be the perfect test to guage Bailey’s loyalty to anarchy. “You want my forgiveness, sissy?” He walked around her and summoned the power dormant inside of his soul as his turned that same baby blue, but another transformation began to take place. One that he had never known before. “Well the journey to resolution begins now.” He thought about the security blanket he had kept from his infant days. The baby blue lined white blanket that kept away all of the demons that attacked the innocence of his day. He thought about all of the people who he had been somewhat of a security blanket of, and the Generator summoned a long white trenchcoat with a baby blue lining to cover the pulsating tattoos on his torso. A strange cool metal with blue runes traveling all over the light grey metal on his right arm was covered by the long sleeves of his white trenchcoat. His baby blue eyes sparkled as an ethereal light blue ring formed right above his head. His bare torso glowed underneath his white trenchcoat as an ethereal baby blue halo shone bright above his head like The North Star and he stood like Polaris in front of the battle scene, gripping tightly on the grand, intricate blade appearing in his hand. He looked back, the corners of his eyes filling with those baby blue wonders, and he spoke with a different type of convidence. A different type of conviction the air of New Orleans had never seen. “My friends need my help, sissy…..” He saw into the destruction and smiled at how well the three were facing against the impossible. “…..if you don’t want to lend a hand, I understand. Completely even, but where you are standing after this battle is over will reflect where you stand with me.” He walked ahead a couple of paces before nonchalantly throwing a peace sign in the air and without turning his head, he ended his statement with, “Make your choice,” and with that, the wind blew through his dreadlocks and his loose trenchcoat facing the sky watching it turn a passionate red and a deeper purple.
            She watched her brother walk toward the battle with pouty lips. She let her locked bangs fall in front of her face while she pushed the other locked strands back. She held her hand on top of her head as if the next decision she was going to make was going to drastically change her life. But she had already made her decision. She made it as soon as she touched New Orlean’s soil. So with ruby red glowing eyes and bright red glowing tattoos, she turned on her heels and followed in her brother’s footsteps, undergoing her own evolution into an E-vi deity.
           Four furry angelic black wings in an ‘x’ formation sprouted from out of her tone back. Her clothes melted off of her as a sleek coat of black fur with a red stripe crawled over her golden wheat skin. Her face transformed into an elegant fox snout and her stride elongated as her legs toned further to accomodate her large curvaceous tail. Brody felt her presence behind him, and a diamond smile formed on his face because of one fact. He had her back. Their bond was back, and with knowledge of this fact, he disappeared over the horizon into the Battle of the Setting Sun with a smile and his sister behind him.
           It was a massacre. Their mere presence seemed to dissipate soldiers. The speed at which they were weaving tapestries of murder were unreal. All of the other soldiers stared at impending doom as the brother and sister hurricane of death with eyes that bulged in anticipation for the horror that was to come. Shavi, Sheva, Dezy, all of them watched, mystified at the fact that such beings with raw tenacious power even existed. They all found one another through the field of wounded and dying soldiers, sharing the same glance, collectively thinking to themselves, “Glad they’re on our side.”
            The soldiers soon came to the realization that capturing or even landing a punch on the two was an exercise in futility. They soon started backing away from their presence. The two knew they were in a position of power as they walked, Bailey a second behind her brother, coolly towards the backpedaling men. But one soldier was determined not to retreat. She was ready to die to land one blow on the duo. So with a wild heinous war cry off of her decadent lips, she charged forward with her electro stun club high above her head, and with all the rage she could muster, she struck Brody in the face. She could tell that he had not expected such a blow to come from this woman, this soldier. But it did, and as he wiggled his tongue across his teeth and over his gums, he was struck surprised by the taste of his own blood. The soldier smiled amidst her pants and gasps as she struggled to stand erect. The ecstacy from that moment was exhilarating as she stood as satisfied as an after sex cigarette. But it was short lived. Brody tilted his face up toward her, revealing an almost demonic smile to the soldier, and before she knew it, Brody became the last she ever saw as it seemed like her body had simply turned back into matter. In reality however, Bailey had summoned a vicious set of black talons with red tips and struck the soldier three times with the force to filet the moon. And Brody just smiled as the electric charge from the electro stun club ran over his face one last time before it too was extinguished.
         After seeing what happened to their comrade, the orderly retreat had entered into a chaotic state as soldiers trampled over other soldiers just to escape the fate of The Lost Soldier. Brody looked around to see…..nothing. Just pools of blood and footprints from where the soldiers had retreated. All of this destruction. Without rhyme or reason. Just simply a massive loss of life. He looked to his sister with those diamond eyes and he smiled. Her smirk was grand as she closed her eyes and let all of the fur on her body flow into the wind, revealing her perfect muscular physique draped in a red polo blouse with roses engraved on and beside her collar. Her stride was perfect in her red boots and black shorts. It was like watching a goddess walk. Her ruby eyes disappeared at the blink of an eye. The sun was almost level as it shone a spotlight of beautiful, tranquil purples and pinks on her as she walked toward her brother. His smile remained as did his baby blue eyes as he tugged at his collar. A sky blue hood appeared and drooped over Brody’s dreadlocks and his face, but that smile remained. In that moment, both of them sharing smiles, was perfect. And when Brody seemed to dissapate in the wind, he left with that perfect smile.
            He reappeared in front of the only living general left as he retreated on his giant steed. He was so busy listening to the sounds of his retreating men that he did not even hear Brody whisper, “No.” he was so busy watching over his shoulder that he didn’t even see Brody appear in front of him. But Brody’s presence would soon be felt as his paralyzing grip wrapped around the general’s plump neck, immobilizing the general instantly. The look of horror behind the ornate armored mask was not lost upon Brody as he smiled his beaming smile down on the terror strickened general. And then, as quickly as Brody snatched the general from off of his frightened monstrous Cleisdale, they were somewhere else.
           Brody reappeared in front of an exuberant Bailey as she covered her mouth with the joint of her index finger and giggled. Brody threw the vomiting general on the bloody soil as he quickly removed his helmet and continued to puke inside of the puddles of blood. They both laughed, almost oblivious to the fact that the soil alost literally had rivers of blood spreading throughout the soil. Their chaotic life gave tribute to the fact that they were still able to laugh amidst the blood and death that surrounded them. Bailey, in a facetious tone, asked Brody, “Mighty plump isn’t he? He like a big ol’ baby.”
           She continued to laugh as Brody stretched his materializing blue and white gloves and replied in a mock Jamaican accent, “Baby, better behave.” Her chuckling made the situation they were in lighter as Brody couldn’t help but laugh alongside of her. He clenched his fists and stood over the disgusting, pompous coward of a general and with an innocence in his voice, he asked, “Okay big baby, you gonna tell me something I don’t know….”
            “Please!” The general began begging profusely. “Please don’t kill me! Please!”
            Brody bent over slightly and waved one finger in the air and said facetiously, “No this isn’t the begging for your life part, this is the telling part. So tell me…” Brody, with a touch, subdued the general enough to read his name tag. “Robertosin.” A chuckle choked him as he couldn’t hold in his laughter longer than five seconds. “What kind of name is Robertosin anyways?”
           ”It’s a family name,” the general retorted offended.
           Brody chuckled uncontrollably. Gesturing wildly, he wildly gestured, “Where!? In Africo!? Too bad that’s imaginary too!”
           ”Get on with it, Brody.” Brody laughed at his sister’s impatient nature as he stroked the slight hairs on his chin, looked away, and as Dezy, Sheva, and Shavi took his side, he summoned his blade at the general’s throat.
            Brody’s baby blue eyes peered down at the general as he convulsed on the dirt in utter fear. He just smiled at his pain and with a flawless calm, “Okay, Robertosin, why are you guys hunting my friends?”
            The general looked around confused. He took one glance at the beautiful Bailey and he vomitted an explanation as to why he had hunted the E-vi population. “Okay, so here’s the deal. I don’t want to die,” he pointed behind him toward Bailey, “And you…..I really don’t want you to touch me because you are lethal. All I know is, my friend, you are an endangered species in New Orleans. They want your heads on a platter, man. The strong ones, well someone has bigger plans for you guys, but obviously you already knew that…..” His eyes shifted toward Bailey, signaling her involvement with his pupils.
             Bailey looked down upon him guiltless as she responded back with, “Yep. So again, tell us something we don’t know because your usefulness is wearing thin.”
             Bailey’s eyes had a cloud of ruby swirling inside of her irises as she stared at the general. He held his hands up in defense as he turned around toward Brody and again began to spill his guts out to Brody. “I mean everything else is speculation. Something called Dark Order is recruiting the strongest of E-vi to their cause. I don’t know, all I know is some narly things are going down with them, and you guys….I don’t know who you are,” he said, stuttering as he pointed to Brody. He looked at Bailey with fear in his eyes and added, “I know who you are….” He looked up at her like she was breathing flames from her mouth.
           Bailey’s impatient nature permeating, seeping into her brother’s body, Brody’s eyebrows scowled and he thrusted his blade at the general’s throat. With a voice filled with the calmest rage any one of then in the group had ever heard, Brody violently whispered, “Look dude, your running out of time because I’m running out of patience. Now from looking at my sissy….” He looked up into those congruent dark brown eyes and he read her thoughts as though he and her shared a telepathic bond. It was at that moment that he knew he would have answers to all of the questions inside of his heart. “…..it seems like everything you saying to me is already old news. So give me new news. Give me new news or you become new news.”
            Brody made sure that the fear of his power was instilled in General Robertosin’s heart. Dezy and Shavi made the loose circle between the three tighter, fertilizing the fear in his heart, making it that much greater. He looked at all three of them as the night sky of New Orleans casted an ominous shadow over all three of them.  ”I mean what more do you want!? You murdered most of my soldiers, the rest morale’s shot all to hell! I mean what else do you want me to tell you!?”
            Brody smirked and whispered, “Nothing.” And it was at that moment when Bailey summoned her vicious black and red blade walking toward the general as he pleaded and screamed for his life. Brody closed his eyes, turned on his heels, and walked a couple of paces before calmly saying, “No, Bailey….” That’s all he said, and his sister simply followed in her brother’s footsteps. The general sat in utter shock on the bloody New Orleans’ soil as he watched easily the deadliest woman he had ever had the displeasure of meeting following in the footsteps of another. And that was when he came to the realization that there was another greater power in the world.
            Shavi and Sheva fell in line with Brody with utterly awed expressions on their faces while Dezy and Bailey played catch up. Bailey quickly caught up with her brother and tugged on his coat arm before it materialized back into his black fitted shirt. “Brody!” Her whisper still had a diabolical curiousity about it. Her trademark expression. Brody had missed it so much. “Brody, what was that back there!” Brody just smiled and liked his lips. He directed his gaze into her dark brown pupils and played with her curiousity. “That wasn’t me. I’ve never known of even the potential of that power! It was exquisite! I felt like every cell in my body was being supercharged!” Brody continued to walk nonchalantly away from the battlefield while Bailey excitedly spat out every ounce of delight at her brother. She quickly grew tired of feeling like she was being ignored. She pushed him and he laughed while holding his hands up in defense. “Stop!” It was the same tone he heard from Chevy’s mother whenever they did something wrong. It was a motherly tone that made him just pause in his tracks.
            His eyes sparked and a smile embraced her soul. He asked with a chuckle, “Wassup slim, what I done did you?”
            “Shut up, Brody! Tell me how that happened. I know you and I know you know so tell me.”
            Brody smiled and his head gestured in Dezy’s direction. “You ran up with her. I thought you’d notice something by then.”
            Dezy walked up to him when the others converged on him to see what exactly he was talking about. She stood straight with a dark gaze and asked with an almost angered and confused tone, “What you talkin’ bout, Brody?”
             His smile. Self explanatory. Proof of his power of observation. “I thought you noticed the sudden spike of power going on inside of you.”
             Both Bailey and Dezy looked at one another, eyes tense with frustration, and Dezy turns back toward Brody and asks again, “What are you talking about?”
             ”Yeah, what are you talking about, Brody,” Bailey asks curiously.
             Brody just closed his eyes and smiled. “Well it’s like this. Dezy, you should have noticed how effortless it was for you to reach a new plateau of power.”
             Just then, Shavi intervened with a voice filled with excitement. “Wait roun’, I did feel something close to that though. It felt wonderful, like it felt…..”
              “It felt like we were transforming into something else, like we were given a glimpse of things to come.”
              Brody smiled and closed his eyes in deep thought. “Awwwwww, but you are right, Sheva. Dezy’s power is amazing, almost tide turning.” Dezy and Bailey looked at Brody more confused than ever before, but Brody knew he would soon answer every question either one of them had soon enough. “You see Dezy is an Alter Beast E-vi. A Gemini. You see the sweet little E-vi that we all know and love standing right in front of us is just uh,” he paused, wondering what he could call her. “A secret identity if you will. But when her adrenaline gets too high, and her fight or flight responses kick in, well…..you see what she becomes.”
           ”And what do I become, Brody?” Dezy stared up at Brody as the quarter moon shone on his youthful face.
            He smiled and answered with an air filled with wisdom. “You become the embodiment of your own potential while showing those around you and those who fight with you their own potential. In a way, you just showed us all our future if we continue on this path to our powers. Your possibilities are endless.” Every pair of eyes fell on her as they looked to her like she was a messiah. “Remember how you told me I was a hero?” She nodded her head with a spaced out demeanor, unsure of how to react to the weight that was just dropped on her shoulders. “I may be that. I may be that to a lot of people, but you…..you are our greatest gift in this war. The true E-vi savior. It’s your destiny to become the hero.” He stretched his hand out toward her as she looked at him complacently, unsure of what to do next. “I’m just here to guide you.” Bailey smiled, happy to see the influential her brother had become. She always knew in her heart that he was special.
           Dezy grasped his hand tightly and smiled, looking up into his dark brown eyes. “The only reason I’m even alive is because of you Brody. I would follow you to the ends of the earth.”
            He summoned his lone blue ethereal wing while Sheva and Bailey followed his lead, nonverbally telling Brody they too would follow Brody to the end. He summoned his most charming smile and answered, “Don’t follow me to the end. Let’s take flight into our beginnings.” And with that, he hovered into the air, lifting her small body into the air with him. Then he took flight with Dezy in hand. Bailey took off behind her brother, but paused when she saw her brother turn around, pull Dezy into his embrace, and yell toward the other pair of brother and sister. “Hey guys, come with me!”
            Sheva and Shavi looked at one another unsure if they should or not. Sheba looked up at Bailey and looked back at her older brother. “I don’t know, Shavi. How can we trust that that evil woman won’t turn on us or turn us in when we let our guards down? I love Brody, but I don’t trust his sister.”
            Shavi looked up at the flying twins and Dezy in Brody’s grasp. The moon accentuated his dark facial features as he sighed softly. He ran his fingers through his dreadlocks and his eyes chinked while he scratched his scalp. “I usually wouldn’t trust it either, love, but I love Brody though, and he always there when we need him the most. So let’s go, and if everything ain’t on the up and under, we dip ya’ heard. But I have a feeling we won’t have to.” He looked at his sister and he could tell by her expression she was still unsure of the situation. He smiled and asked, “You trust me?”
          She shook her head, knowing that her brother had already knew the answer. “You know I do.”
           He held out his hand and their bond was made strong underneath the light of the moon. She smiled looking up at her big brother as her white angel wings with golden flakes appeared on her back. She hovered in the air with Shavi’s hand in hers. As his feet left a couple of inches off of the ground, he whispered, “Well let’s catch up to everyone else then and see what’s twerkin’”
           She smiled innocently before answering, “Okay,” and they joined the rest of the group. As they flew through the night sky, unsure of what was next, all followed Brody’s lead, all knowing that if no one else knew the answer, then Brody would lead the way with eyes that shined of destiny and rejuvenated vigor.
             Brody smiled and closed his eyes as him and Dezy zipped through the clouds in the sky. He couldn’t help but smile as one fact resonated in his mind. He had his sister back, and that fact made him feel as though he were invincible.

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    Paramore “In The Morning”

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